SIQ - Power Brain for Children

SIQ - Power Brain for Children

Power Brain for Children is a Brain Activation Program that will switch on individual super sensory and inner power to unleash the best version of the students. This Power Brain is a practice-based research program that has been certified by the Harvard Graduate School of Education in unleashing Multiple Intelligence in all learners.

It is a brain development process to awaken the inner genius of everyone. Once it has been done, the participants will be able to use their super sensory to receive information from their surroundings and make them more alert, more focused, enhance memory capabilities, increase thinking skills and speed, increase creativity and self-confidence.

The Benefits of the Program is :
1) TO SHARPEN THE FOCUS by entering into the zone and eliminating the distraction through sensory enhancement and mastery.
2) TO STRENGTHEN MEMORY capacity and management, To enhance memory retrieval system and to strengthen memory retention.
3) TO SPARK THE SELF CONFIDENT within self and unleash the hidden potential through self-love, self-respect and leadership.
4) TO NURTURE CREATIVE quick and Critical Thinking out of the box in problem-solving, creative thinking AND creating solutions.
5) TO ENHANCE POWERFUL IMAGINATION which leads to better planning, innovation and invention skills.
6) TO IMPROVE the OBSERVATION skills by awakening the sensitivity and alertness of the sensory to the information available in the environment.
7) TO AMPLIFIED INTUITION by widening the perspective and information absorption to gain outrageous intuition for better decision making.

We use a combination of 3 elements which are Brain Training, Audio Visual Brainwave Technology, and Dzikir in Islamic Meditation to awaken the powerful mind. The revolutionary methodology with the integration of the science in Islam had proven to empower the brain function by its fitrah.

After the workshop, the students will be able to read and do activities blindfolded. This is Brain Training and the process of strengthening these amazing abilities. The blindfold is the tool to enhance the brainpower and as long-term neurosensory rewiring process. It is a whole-brain training involving ESP Training, Subconscious Mind Empowerment Training, and Super abilities. The participants will get benefits in daily life whether it is in their academics, social and personal.

In this 2 days workshop, the training is not only involved the students but also the parents. Each couple will receive 5-6 hours training on how to unleash their children potential through power brain training. So it's 1 price for two trainings.

2 days workshop (Saturday & Sunday)
These are the date option for workshops in 2024. 
  a) 25 & 26 May 2024
  b) 1 & 2 June 2024
  c)  6 & 7 July 2024
  d) 3 & 4 Aug 2024
Time : 9am - 5pm
Venue : Smart IQ Next Gen 
   ( B-7-1, Block B Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex, Persiaran Pekeliling, Seksyen 15 43650, Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor) berdepan dengan Jaya Grocer & Secret Recipe

Continuous from this program the students can enhance their power brain skill by joining the advance program MINDFUL WARRIOR and next to Mindful Samurai. Next intake for Mindful Warrior will be in Aug 2024. 

For more info on Mindful Warrior please click -----> MINDFUL WARRIOR INTAKE AUG 2024

For more info of Power Brain and Smart IQ Academy ----- > 

For more videos of Power Brain Activities ---- > Video Youtube  

Beside that students can also enroll to other Program that offered in Smart IQ Next Gen as per listed below :

1) Mindful Ninja - MINDFUL NINJA INTAKE Jan 2025    
2) Mindful Warrior -  MINDFUL WARRIOR INTAKE AUG 2024
3) Mindful Samurai - MINDFUL SAMURAI INTAKE MAR 2025
4) Rubico - RUBICO INTAKE Dec 2024 

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Power Brain for Children Activation Workshop (25 & 26 May)
Power Brain for Children Activation Workshop (1 & 2 June)
Power Brain for Children Activation Workshop (6 & 7 July)
Power Brain for Children Activation Workshop (3&4 Aug)

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